Vevo Halloween 2016

A regular event on the Halloween calendar now, this year saw a change from Vevo organisers as they uprooted from their home in Manchester and travelled the short distance down the M62 to a new home at Bramley-Moore Docks in Liverpool for the 2016 party and at only a fiver a ticket for a line-up headlined by Stockport band Blossoms, it’s no surprise that the dockside venue is particularly busy.

Joining Blossoms, is a supporting cast made-up of Izzy Bizu, Jack Garrett, Aurora and special guest Zara Larsson and, as with all Vevo Halloween events, both organisers and punters have gone all out to make sure that their first time in Liverpool is a night to remember.

Having decked out the venue with all manner of creepy paraphernalia, the highlight has to be the medically-themed bar which comes with its very own glass-topped bar containing a range of bugs and creepy-crawlies for you to keep you occupied as you wait for the bar staff to bring you your drink. A novel theme, the very live collection of crickets, mealworm and locusts certainly gave you something to talk about but was most definitely not for the squeamish.

As for the punters, there was plenty of effort made in that department as Liverpool made a ten out of ten effort to celebrate Halloween in gruesome style. From the very random banana outfits to the musically-inspired Kiss and Slipknot outfits through to the usual Saw and Walking Dead inspired efforts to the familiar Halloween sight of blood-drenched nurses and scary clowns, the standard was high tonight although it has to be said that there was a distinct lack of Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) inspired outfits as seemed to be all the rage elsewhere judging by social media.

Onto the musical side of things then and with each of the acts allocated a thirty minute slot, the five acts booked provided the perfect soundtrack to this Halloween celebration. From the haunting tunes of Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora to the R&B soul of Izzy Bizu to the trip-hop of Jack Garratt, punters lapped up every minute of the music and with Swedish pop princess Zara Larsson donning a particularly attention-grabbing Maleficent inspired outfit for her set before Blossoms closed the night with a raucous set of indie rock, the Vevo Halloween Ball signed off in style having lived up to the high standard set by previous years.

See you in 2017.