Cirque Du Soleil – Totem Review

The circus is always a great place for a really good night however, Cirque du Soleil’s Totem is on a whole different level. From the exquisite handmade costumes to the incredible athletic feats of the artists, these shows are always guaranteed to have you gasping in awe, not to mention the nail biting, edge of your seat acts that seemingly defy gravity.

Cirque brought Totem, their 2010 show built around a story of the evolution of man, back to the Royal Albert Hall. Following tradition where, every year just after Christmas, like a Las Vegas residency, they start the year in this stunning venue with one of their incredible shows. It certainly is a great way to beat the post Christmas, back to work blues.

The show opens with all the amphibians emerging from the water after a sparkling man descends from high above. I will admit, I was never quite sure who or what he was supposed to represent. In-between the acrobatic displays we have the alternative to your usual circus clowns, this time a slimy little Italian man who thinks he is God’s gift to women amongst the rippling muscles of the other surfers. There wasn’t the same amount of audience participation in this show, they normally have one poor unlucky soul on stage to the amusement of everyone else however it was no less enjoyable because of that.

The unicyclists were incredible, not only balancing high up on one wheel but flicking tiny bowls from their hands and feet at each other, which they caught on their heads with astonishing precision. We have all the usual aerial displays building towards what is always the climax of the show. This time trampolinists, but not just any trampoline display where you would have a safety net, these incredible men performed on a Russian Bar that was only a few inches wide. Although it was easy to forget the sheer skill of these people as they jumped to phenomenal heights and then landed back on this tiny piece of equipment.

There are so many breath taking acts at this show it is hard to pick a favourite. Every time I go to one of these shows I’m left in awe at the sheer talent of the people who put these displays together. The colour, the music, the singers all add to Cirque’s visual treat and compliment the other performers well. Cirque du Soleil continue to set the bar high with another stunning performance, and you can catch Totem at the Royal Albert Hall until the 26th February.